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Set up smart rules, then let the app do the rest. Build good financial habits by using automation to regularly save small, affordable amounts.

And earn up to 4.70% AER on our Savings Pockets.

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Interest Pockets are provided by Investec Bank Plc (Opt-in). Find out more information about how your savings are protected via our FSCS Information Sheet and Exclusion List.

Plum Account

Introducing Plum Interest with up to 5.11%*

With easy access to your cash and no minimum or maximum contributions, Plum Interest is the flexible way to earn a return on your money.

It aims to follow the Bank of England base rate, so you can start taking advantage of higher interest rates right now.

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Plum Interest Earnings

*Variable Annual Percentage Rate projection correct as at 19/04/2024. Premium plan rate. 4.96% rate for Basic, Pro and Ultra customers. Projected return is shown after fees. A projection isn’t a reliable indicator of future performance. Plum is not a bank. Capital at risk if you invest. Plum Interest is not the Plum Interest Pocket.

Plum Account

Supercharge your money ⚡️

Whether you’re setting money aside for a holiday, a house or a rainy day, Plum can help you reach your goals faster… and your way!

Create and customise an Interest Pocket for your saving targets and assign a monetary goal to help you reach it quicker.

You’re in control

Moods are the way you adjust how much you want Plum to save for you.

Whether you’re feeling ambitious or shy, just let us know.

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Plum Withdrawals

Withdraw anytime

Whether you’ve reached your savings goals or you just need some extra cash to cover an emergency, you can withdraw anytime, completely free, within the same working day (up to 3PM).

Turn these on to make Plum deposit more…


Plum’s algorithm analyses your income and expenses to calculate what you can safely set aside, without leaving you short.

Round Ups

Get Plum to round up your past week transactions to the nearest £1 and transfer the spare change.

Weekly Depositor

Decide how much you want to set aside each week and Plum will automatically take care of the rest for you.

52 Week Challenge

Starting with £1, each week we’ll increase your deposits by £1 until you reach £52 in the final week of the Challenge. That’s £1,378 in a year 🤯

Rainy Days

Once activated, Plum will make a deposit for each day it rains where you live.

Pay Days

The best time to stash money is when you first get paid. Tell Plum the amount and we’ll set aside a lump sum automatically.

Naughty Rule

Plum will automatically set money aside for you every time you shop at your chosen "naughty" retailers.

1p Challenge

Plum will set aside 1p extra each day for 365 days. At the end of the Challenge, you'll have reached a total of £667.95!

Secure, human, helpful

Your security and privacy lie at the heart of Plum, because we know there’s no room for compromise when it comes to money.

From helpful humans to secure tech, we have you covered.

Security, not through obscurity.

Tech that keeps you safe

We support face & fingerprint ID and use 256-bit TLS encryption.

Here to help 7 days a week

Got a question? Talk to our team through your app or send us an email.

Data privacy

We never share your data with any other parties without your consent.

Summary Box

The Interest Pocket provided is named Easy Access Interest Pocket.

The Easy Access Interest Pocket provides an interest rate of 4.70% AER variable for Plum Premium subscribers, 4.15% for Plum Pro and Ultra subscribers, and 4.00% AER for Plum Basic customers. The Interest is calculated daily on the cleared balance in the account using the interest rate applicable on that day and is paid into the Interest Pocket monthly.

The interest rate is variable and we also have the right to change these rates, so it can go up or down. When that is the case, we will notify you (email & app notifications) that this change will take effect in a minimum of 14 days for Easy Access as per clause 18 of our Interest Pockets Terms.

There is no fee for these accounts. The Easy Access Premium account (4.70% AER) is exclusive for Plum Premium subscribers (starting from £9.99 per month), the 4.15% AER rate is exclusive for Plum Pro & Ultra subscribers (starting from £2.99 per month) and the Easy Access Free account (4.00% AER) is available to all Plum customers.

Plum gets the interest rate from our Interest Account provider (Investec Bank Plc.).

If you deposited £1,000 and didn’t withdraw for 12 months, the balance would be £1,042.10 if you’re a Plum Premium subscriber (4.70% AER), £1,037.20 if you’re a Plum Pro & Ultra subscriber (4.15% AER) and £1,035.10 if you’re using Plum for free on the Basic tier (4.00% AER).

Assuming that:

◦ The account is opened with £1,000

◦ No further deposits or withdrawals are made

◦ The interest stays the same for the full 12 months

There are no fees for these accounts, but bear in mind, the Easy Access (4.70% AER and 4.15% AER) is part of the Plum Plum Pro/Ultra/Premium subscription bundle starting for as little as £2.99/month.

Plum gets the interest rate from our Interest Account provider (Investec Bank Plc.).

The account is available to UK residents aged 18 or over. You may only open and manage the account via the Plum app. No minimum deposit or upper limit.

With Plum Free & Plus, you can open one Easy Access Interest Pocket, while under Plum Pro, you can open up to 10 different Easy Access Interest Pockets. Money in interest pockets are cumulatively protected along with any other accounts you may hold at Investec Bank Plc, by FSCS up to £85,000.

You can withdraw money from your Plum Interest Pockets at any time by tapping the ‘Home’ menu button and then clicking ‘Withdraw’ from the Interest Pockets with no limits or fees. Withdrawals are paid within the same working day (up to 3PM).

Interest is paid without tax being deducted. Your tax treatment of any interest will depend on your individual circumstances.

If you have any questions, feel free to 'chat to a human' within the Plum app 👋

If you have any other questions you can visit the full FAQ.

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