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Our mission is to help people save money without even lifting a finger.

We’ve always hated saving money, but we wanted to change that. We decided to make Plum so that there would be an easier way to save money to spend on things we want, rather than the things we need.

Alex Michael 🇨🇾

Co-founder & CTO

Alex was previously a team lead at Tictail and a senior engineer at EDITED. He studied CS at Imperial College London.

Iga Pilewska 🇵🇱

Operations & Customer Success

Iga graduated from the LSE with a Masters in Economy, Risk and Society. She joined Plum after researching new monetary schemes.

Joel MacDonald 🇬🇧


Joel was previously working on FinTech and Payments Policy for HM Treasury. He studied Economics at the University of Kent.

Naing Htet 🇲🇲

Software Engineer

Naing was previously a Technical Associate at Techstars and an engineer at Amazon. He studied CS and EE at Lafayette College.

Sam Peka 🇬🇧 🇲🇺

Software Engineer

Sam was an analytics engineer at Dojo and a business intelligence analyst at Brandwatch. He studied CS at the University of Brighton.

Victor Trokoudes 🇨🇾 🇨🇦

Co-founder & CEO

Victor was previously running International Expansion at TransferWise and was a trader at Morgan Stanley. He studied economics at Harvard and has a MBA from INSEAD.


We are humbled to be backed by an array of experienced, well-respected investors in technology and financial services across London and Europe.

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500 Startups

Demetrios Zoppos

Co-founder, OneFineStay

Eldar Tuvey

Co-founder, Wandera

Roy Tuvey

Co-founder, Wandera

Camilla Dollan

Director, MMC Ventures

Julien Faye

Partner, Bain & Company

Ian Thomas

Co-founder, LendInvest

Join the team

We like to work with people that think like entrepreneurs, that really want to build and own something. This company will be your company and you will have to make the decisions needed to make it great.

Software Engineer

You'll work on pretty much the whole spectrum – APIs, our chat framework, data & machine learning, money transfers and our React frontend ✌ ️

Web Engineer (React)

You'll own and architect our React frontend – from subtle, delightful interactions to thinking about scalability and performance on low-end phones 📱