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Keep track of regular payments and never pay more than you need to on your bills. Plum crunches the numbers and can switch you in seconds ⚡️

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Link your banks and credit cards to create one smart account! Daily or weekly updates help you budget and avoid nasty surprises.

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Plum will keep an eye on your bills to let you know if you could save money by switching suppliers, and will let you know if you’re being overcharged 🤬

Save £91.42* on average when you switch energy providers with Plum.

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In addition to home utility bills, Plum has a dedicated financial products marketplace where we’ll find the best deals on loans and credit cards 💳

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When it comes to money, there's no room for compromise. We've built Plum from the ground up with your security and privacy in mind.

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Common questions

Our energy comparison and switching service is powered by our provider, Decision Technologies Limited.

This lets us automatically retrieve key information for your switch, such as the tariffs available to you (we can then use this to calculate the potential savings if you switch suppliers).

At Plum, our primary aim is to help you save money.

We won’t contact you with a deal recommendation unless we can save you a reasonable amount (normally an annual saving of over £50). Only then will we contact you to check a few details and confirm the specifics of the switch with you.

If you believe you should have received a switch recommendation but have not heard from us, it could be because there is a mismatch between your current address and the details we hold on file for you.

Most UK energy providers have agreed to comply with the Energy Switch Guarantee.

This guarantee provides an assurance that your new supplier will complete the switching process within 21 days (incl. a 14 day cooling off period).

If you’ve changed both gas and electricity suppliers then the dates for switchover may be different for each.

Most UK energy providers have agreed to comply with the Energy Switch Guarantee.

This guarantee provides an assurance that your new supplier will handle the switching process by contacting your existing provider to arrange it.

If you change your mind about an arranged switch, for whatever reason, you have a 14 day ‘cooling off’ period from the date you agree to a contract.

To cancel a switch you must contact your new supplier to notify them.

If you are outside of the 14 day cooling off period then you may be liable for any exit fees that apply.

If you switch energy providers during an existing fixed tariff deal period then you may have to pay an exit fee.

Exit fees only apply to fixed deals and cannot be charged within the final 49 days of your fixed tariff period.

If you are unsure then you can contact your current supplier to check whether any cancellation fees apply.

If you have any other questions you can visit the full FAQ.

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