More savings, zero effort.

Plum is your personal savings assistant — it monitors your daily spending and automagically sets money aside that you won't need. Because saying “#yolo” is a bit too tempting sometimes.


From the early team at Tictail & TransferWise

How Plum works

Link your current account

Plum will analyse your account so it can learn about your income, expenses and spending patterns. Your data is safe with us – we employ bank-grade security and work with all UK financial institutions.

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Plum sets money aside for you

Plum monitors your current account and every few days transfers some money from it to your Plum savings. You can access that money instantly at any time, so you don't have to worry about unexpected expenses.

Automatic Savings

Chat with your savings

Plum notifies you about your balance, gives you super-fast access to your savings and offers tips on how to save more. All over SMS, so no more apps to download.

Plum conversation

Wait, I have questions

I already save money. Why is this better?

🎩   off to you! Plum will automate your savings, adjust to your spending (we all know of that one splurgy month...) and help you save the most with as little effort as possible. No more “gut-feel” amounts or complicated spreadsheets.

How does Plum know how much to save?

Plum uses a number of factors to determine how much to save for you, like available balance, regular income and expenses, daily spend and Jon Snow's magic hair. These factors are re-calculated every day, so that they reflect your latest financial status.

Does Plum work across Europe?

Not yet. It only works in the UK right now.

Do my savings accrue interest?

Yes, we are finalising the details with our banking partners.

Is my money safe?

Yes, your savings are under your name so they are guaranteed and can never be used for our operations.

Who are you?

We are Victor and Alex. Victor studied economics at Harvard College, ran Int'l Expansion at TransferWise and launched the product in 25 new countries. Alex studied computing at Imperial College London, ran Payments at Tictail in Stockholm and crunched data at EDITED in London.

Why are you doing this?

We have been bad savers our whole lives. There, we said it. Saving money is hard, it's wrapped with all sorts of jargon, and traditional saving accounts are not making it any easier. We want to change that, for you and us, so we set out to build Plum – a better saving experience.

Ready to save more?

Chat with us now! We'll respond as soon as we can during working hours, otherwise early next morning. Pinky promise.

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