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Plum is the little savings butler you’ve been waiting for. It monitors your spending, automatically sets money aside for you and is always available on Facebook Messenger. Simple, stress-free savings.

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From the early team at TransferWise.

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3 steps to smart savings

  1. 1

    Link your bank account

    Plum analyses your transactions every day. It learns about your income, expenses and spending patterns and uses this knowledge to calculate how much to save.

  2. 2

    Plum saves for you, automatically

    Every week Plum will transfer a small amount of money into your Plum savings, ready for you to access anytime, but safe from your #yolo moments.

    Earn interest on your savings
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    Venture onwards towards a carefree life

    Chat to Plum anytime for updates on what you’ve saved, so you can throw yourself the occasional high-five.

Why use Plum


We employ bank-grade security and work with all major UK banks.


Plum will automatically save you money, you don’t have to lift a finger.


Yep, nada. Unlimited free deposits and withdrawals into your Plum savings.

£5 Million

On track to save this year, for thousands of users

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Saving milestones reached by our users

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Secure & helpful

We know that when it comes to financial data, there's no room for compromise. We've built Plum from the ground up with your security in mind – from our code, to the way we process your data to who our partners are.

We use bank-level, 256-bit encryption for data transmission.

Our industry-leading partner for data collection, used by thousands of companies and banks worldwide.

Our servers run on Amazon's cloud, trusted by some of the biggest financial institutions in the world.

Chat to our team on Messenger, 9.30am - 6pm, Monday to Friday, for any problems or questions.

How we’ve helped money-saving mavericks like yourself:

David, 29, Nottingham

“It’s just nice knowing that I’m saving to be honest – I’m pretty shoddy with it normally. Plum just does it in the background, I don’t really need to think about it.”

£343 Saved

Member for 3 months

Mandy, 23, Edinburgh

“I love how the app is integrated into Messenger, I find it really easy to use. I tend to save more than spend and have travelling debts to pay off, so I found it particularly useful for that.”

£109 Saved

In less than a month

James, 22, London

“My long term goal is to ‘forget’ I am using Plum, let my account grow (just like Plum’s strawberries) and one day reconnect with all the money I have saved.”

£75 Saved

Recently started saving to get out of his overdraft