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Plum is the ultimate smart money app, helping over 1 million people to invest, save and manage their spending with automation.

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As with all investing, your capital is at risk. The value of your investments can go down as well as up.

Why Plum?

Plum gives you a complete picture of your finances in a single place by connecting to your bank account(s). This authorises Plum to transfer funds from your bank account based on automated rules to make your money work for you.

Build your portfolio

Diversify your portfolio and invest manually or via automation.

Automate your savings

Choose between six Rules to make saving and budgeting effortless.

Automate your strategy

Set up price alerts, recurring buy orders and more to help you invest consistently.

Capital at risk when you invest. Your investments can go down as well as up.

Investing in the stock market for everyone

Choose from +3000 brands like Amazon, Meta and Tesla, then start investing in company stock today with as little as €1. Capital at risk.

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Plum Investments

Unlock +1,800 new stocks

Diversify your portfolio and invest in the world's biggest brands.

Save money automatically

Our smart algorithm analyses your spending and helps you save without even thinking about it 🤓

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Plum Account

Get started for free

Our simple pricing includes an option for everyone. All options are free for 30 days. Cancel, upgrade or downgrade at any time.


Our Basic account covers the essentials for building your wealth.


Make your money work harder through advanced rules, and investing.


Unlock the best of everything Plum has to offer and upgrade your investment options.

Commission-free trades*

Choose from brands like Apple and Tesla
*Other fees apply, Capital at risk.

Automated deposits

Our algorithm sets money aside little-but-often, and Round Ups save as you spend.

Unlimited withdrawals

Withdraw as often and as much you like, with no hidden charges.

Multiple Pockets

Separate your holiday spending cash from your dream house deposit stash.

Gamify your deposits

Unlock 5 automated rules to make setting aside money even simpler.


Create and customise extra Pockets and assign targets to help reach them quicker.

Repeat stock investments

Invest a fixed amount every day, week or month in your favourite stocks. Capital at risk.

Price alerts

Receive an alert when your chosen asset reaches your target price. Capital at risk.

1,200 stocks

1,200 stocks

15 Pockets

3,000 stocks

15 Pockets

Secure, human, helpful

Your security and privacy lie at the heart of Plum, because we know there’s no room for compromise when it comes to money.

From helpful humans to secure tech, we have you covered.

Security, not through obscurity.

Tech that keeps you safe

We support face & fingerprint ID and use 256-bit TLS encryption.

Here to help 7 days a week

Got a question? Talk to our team through your app or send us an email.

Data privacy

We are committed to protecting your privacy in line with our Privacy Policy.

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