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Plum Stock Investing

Capital at risk. The value of your investments can go down as well as up.
Learn more about risks here.

Earn 3.62%* with Plum Interest

With easy access to your cash and no minimum or maximum contributions, Plum Interest is the flexible way to earn a return on your money.

It aims to follow the central bank base rate, so you can start taking advantage of higher interest rates right now.

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Plum Interest Earnings

*Variable Annual Percentage Rate projection correct as at 21/06/2024. Premium plan rate. 3.42% rate for Basic and Pro customers. Projected return is shown after fees. A projection isn’t a reliable indicator of future performance. Plum is not a bank. Capital at risk if you invest. Plum Interest is not a savings account.

The potential benefits of investing in stock

The chance for a higher return

If you choose to invest in a single business you can get the full effect of any gains or losses, when compared to a portfolio that is diversified with many different companies.

Back a business you believe in

With a wide range of U.S. company stocks to choose from, you can invest in a business that aligns with your own values, and cast your vote on decisions affecting its future direction.

Earn an ongoing return

If you own stock in a company, it can choose to issue payments to shareholders in the form of dividends. In this case, you can consolidate a return without selling any of your shares.

Plum Stocks

A brand new way to balance your portfolio

We designed Plum to provide a sustainable approach to investing.

The variety of options available allows you to set your long-term goals whilst still being able to respond to short-term changes in market conditions. To help you achieve this flexibility, you can now trade fractional company shares.

Unlock +1,800 new stocks

Diversify your portfolio and invest in the world's biggest brands.

It’s simple to invest in company stocks

Set your own Rules

You control how much to deposit for your investments. Flexible Rules like our Automatic algorithm or Round ups can adapt as you spend.

Choose your stocks

You pick the companies you know and trust and then either trade manually or automate your investment strategy with recurring orders at regular intervals.

Invest with low fees

However you choose to invest, you can buy and sell company stock commission-free (FX fees and regulatory charges still apply).

Capital at risk if you invest. The value of your investments can go down as well as up.

Common questions

You can place an investment buy or sell order at any time that suits you

For U.S. stocks, market trading hours are between 3.30pm – 10pm (Dublin time). Any order placed outside of these times will be queued and executed as soon as the markets open again.

Yes. You can place an investment buy or sell order outside of market trading hours (between 3.30pm – 10pm Dublin time) and your trade will be executed as soon as the markets open again.

You can invest from as little as €1.

Yes. You can cancel a queued investment buy or sell order that has not yet been executed.

Any orders placed outside of trading hours will be executed as soon as markets open again (from 3.30pm Dublin time), at which point your order can no longer be cancelled.

We won’t charge you commission for any trades that you make for now, however other currency conversion charges and regulatory fees may still apply.

For example, if you were to buy and then sell 1 share worth $100, a 0.45% currency conversion charge would be applied on each transaction. So, the total fees charged for these 2 trades would be around 90 cents.

Read more on Stock Investing Fees.

Yes. You choose how much you’d like to invest in a particular company and we’ll buy as many shares (or portions of a share) as we can for your money.

The stock prices displayed in the app are indicative only.

We regularly refresh the stock prices displayed, at 15 minute intervals, but any investment orders you place might be executed at a different price to the estimate that you are shown.

Due to the dynamic nature of stock markets, prices can sometimes change significantly in a matter of minutes or even seconds.

Before placing a trade you will be shown an estimated order preview, which fetches the latest price for that stock. However, the final price you get will be dependent on the best price available from our execution broker, at the point when you actually tap ‘confirm’ to place your order.

If you have any other questions you can visit the full FAQ.

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