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  1. Plum’s fees

    A monthly Premium Services subscription fee of £1 (or higher depending on your Plum subscription level) for access to Plum Investments.

  2. Management Fee

    An annual management fee is equal to 0.15% of the value of each of your GIA/ISA Platform Products. The fee is broken down as follows: 0.05% is Plum ongoing administration charge and 0.10% is for provision of custody provider.

  3. Basis of calculation

    The Management Fee for the Plum GIA/ISA is calculated daily and charged at the end of each month on the value of the investments held in each of your Platform Products.

  4. Fund Manager Fee

    An annual fund fee ranging between 0.13% - 0.88% of the value of the fund. The fee is set by the provider of the Fund Manager (e.g. Vanguard) depending on the type of fund selected.

    For more details regarding the fund charges, please refer to the Key Investor Information Document ("KIID") for the relevant fund.

  5. Other Activity based and Administration Charges

    No administration, dealing or other activity based charges are payable to Plum or the GIA/ISA Product Provider except that there is a one-off administration charge of £25 per line of stock for an in-specie transfer of the investments in your GIA/ISAPlatform Product to another provider.

    Annual Cost - Example of fees

    This example shows the yearly total fees at different levels of investment.

    Total Investment Balance Monthly Fee (£1/month) Management Fee (0.15% of assets) Fund Manager Fee* (basic fund - 0.22%) Fee per year
    £500 £12.00 £0.75 £1.10 £13.85
    £1,000 £12.00 £0.75 £2.20 £15.70

    *Monthly Fee can differ depending on the Plum subscription level

    **Fund Manager Fee can differ depending on the Plum subscription level


  1. SIPP Product Provider Fee

    The Premium Services Subscription fee (currently £1 per month)

  2. Product Providers Fee’s

    Fee Rate: 0.45% a year, broken down as:

    • 0.35% SIPP administration charge
    • 0.10% Custody service charge

    When is it payable?At the end of each month (or on closure of your Plum SIPP if earlier).

    How is the fee calculated?At the end of each day the daily equivalent of the Fee Rate is applied to the value of your Plum SIPP holdings. Each of these daily amounts are added up to give an amount payable at the end of each month. How is the fee paid? The monthly amount payable will normally be deducted from your Plum SIPP holdings. If for any reason this is not possible then the Plum Investment Terms and Conditions provide for payment of the fee by other methods.

  3. Fund Management Fee

    The fund manager of the funds you choose for your Plum SIPP will charge a fee for managing the fund.

    Fee Rate:Different funds will have different charges but these will usually be a percentage of the amount you have in the fund.

    How does the fund manager take their fee?They will deduct their fees from the fund they manage.

    Where can I find more details about the fund and its fees?Each fund has a Key Investor Information Document (KIID) provided by the fund manager. This will give you details of the fund including the fees. You should read this document to make sure you are happy that it is right for you, including the fees that will apply.

    Amount Invested Product Provider Fee
    0.45% of Amount Invested
    Fund Management Fee
    0.24%* of Amount Invested
    Total fees for a year
    £500 £2.25 £1.20 £3.45
    £1,000 £4.50 £2.40 £6.90
    £5,000 £22.50 £12.00 £34.50