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Save without thinking about it, invest in what matters to you and compare bills. Get started for free in 2 minutes.

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Capital at risk when investing

Bank, meet Plum.

Give your bank a brain. Plum uses the latest technology to help you be better off, effortlessly. Go on, give yourself a high-five ✋

Link your bank

Link your bank(s)

Connect your bank accounts and cards so Plum can give you a total picture of your spending in one app.

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Set money aside automatically

Deposits are tailored so the perfect amount is transferred from your bank. Little-but-often, it adds up.


Be better off

Earn interest on your savings, choose from simple investments, or compare bills and switch suppliers.

Save money automatically

Our smart algorithm analyses your spending and helps you set money aside without even thinking about it. You can then earn up to 0.40% AER with an Easy Access Interest Pocket.

Easy Access Interest Pockets are provided by Investec Bank Plc.

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Plum Investments

Invest little-but-often with £1

Own a piece of Google and Apple, ride the wave of emerging markets like China and Brazil, or back socially responsible companies 📈 Open a Stocks & Shares ISA, GIA or a SIPP in minutes! Capital at risk.

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Smart & active budgeting

Get a real-time view of your daily spend, earn interest on your money until you need it, and never pay more than you need to on household bills ✌️

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Plum Insights

Don’t just take our word for it...

Used Plum originally as just a savings platform and loved it. The investment side of the app also seemed clear and straightforward and was simpler to keep my savings pockets and investments all together in one place.

by Tom Shakespeare Jan 14th, 2021 via Survey

A simple, accessible and fun way to get into investing. I've already grown an investment pot of £790 from money that I'd have otherwise wasted.

by Bob O'Brien Jan 14th, 2021 via Survey

Actually love this app. I cannot save for the life of me but I know I really needed to. Plum is so easy, you don't even realise the money going into the pot. You can set up a certain amount to go in every month.

By Casey Louise Feb 25th, 2021 on Trustpilot

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Set aside by 1,110,845 people across Europe

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Avg. annual return last 5 years across all Plum investment funds (Jan 21)

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Average annual savings per customer on energy bills*

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*51% of customers that applied to switch via the DT Partner Network could save at least £91.42, April-June 2021.

Secure & helpful

When it comes to money, there's no room for compromise. We've built Plum from the ground up with your security and privacy in mind.

Need a hand? You can chat directly to our team through your Plum app. Alternatively, you can email or call us.

Security, not through obscurity.

Tech that keeps you safe

We support face & fingerprint ID, and use 256-bit TLS encryption.

Humans on hand

Our customer support team is ready to help you, 7 days a week.

Strong privacy

We never share your data with any other parties without your consent.

Get started for free

Our simple pricing includes an option for everyone.

All options are free for 30 days. Cancel, upgrade or downgrade at anytime.

Earn interest

Easy Access Interest Pocket provided by Investec Bank, FSCS protected (Opt-in)

Automated savings

Our algorithm sets money aside little-but-often, and Round Ups save as you spend

Lost Money

Get alerts if you’re overpaying on bills, and switch to a cheaper supplier in seconds

Unlimited withdrawals

Withdraw as often and as much you like, with no hidden charges

Multiple Pockets

Separate your holiday spending cash from your dream house deposit stash

Invest from £1

Automatically invest in your choice of our easy, accessible and jargon free funds
Other fees apply, Capital at risk

Gamify your saving

Take on our 52-Week Challenge, or tuck money away on Rainy Days


Assign savings targets for each of your Pockets to help you stay on track


Earn rewards from your favourite retailers when you shop with our app

Diagnostic Report

Analyse your spending, and anonymously benchmark against other Plumsters

Money Maximiser

Make your money go further and get a real-time view of spending


No-frills features and interest for your savings

0.25% AER

1 Extra Pocket


Investing made simple and our best interest rate for your savings

0.40% AER

1 Extra Pocket


Put your money on autopilot and avoid overspending with Money Maximiser

0.40% AER

15 Pockets

+25% Cashback

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